04 JANUARY 2018

Coupon Sites - Get freebies with Scriptonova

Coupon sites are those sites that offer services and products at a lower price that causes you to save a lot of money in the process. For this you need a coupon code for a particular item you prefer to avail.

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08 FEBRUARY 2018

Scriptonova’s role in Content Management System

Content plays an important role in enhancing the visibility of any website. With the advent of Content Management System, it has become easier for websites to publish their content on the World Wide Web.

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10 MARCH 2018

Customer Relationship Management needs with Scriptonova

Customer Relationship Management or CRM as it is commonly known among IT professionals is a wide field. The term indicates a set of methods and procedures, generally related to the Internet, wherein organizations are capable of managing their relation with customers in a more effective and organized manner.

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14 APRIL 2018

Industrial Engineering

When we try to bring about a harmonious coordination between materials, machines, and man so that we get the optimum result by the effective utilization of wealth, energy, and knowledge, it is referred to as Industrial Engineering.

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MAY 2018

Scriptonova launches Mobadpro for mobile advertising

Mobile marketing has assumed gigantic proportion in the field of advertisement and you can call mobile advertising an integral part of the same. As more and more people love flaunting their expensive hand held gadgets, the chances of these advertisements reaching you are enhanced greatly.

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