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Asp .Net Projects

Online Mobile Shopping

June 13, 2012 ASP.NET, ASP.NET Projects, Project Ideas, Project Report, Project Synopsis, SQL Server, Web based project Ideas

Online Mobile Shopping project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts online Shopping of mobiles and purchasing using Payment Gateway.
Using this software, companies can improve the efficiency of their services. Online Shopping is one of the applications to improve the marketing of the company's products. This web application involves all the features of the online shopping


ASP.NET Social Networking

February 17, 2012 ASP.NET, ASP.NET Projects, ER Diagram, Project Ideas, Project Report, Project Screen Shot, Project SRS, Project Synopsis, SQL Server, Web based project Ideas

The website "ASP.NET Social Networking" developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server will be used to connect the people in very easy , simple and efficient way and one can share their feeling ,information ,ideas…..and many more…, the services offered to an individual's choice(s) and availability for making friends among various areas and destinations. A log concerning the registration and requests for friends and various other features by users are also maintained. The website will also provide benefits to verified user(s).
VISITING WIZARD, as the name suggests is an social networking allowing the users to interact with each other and exchange their views. This project also enables the users to see the details of their friends upload their own photographs, add their friends, leave a scrap & send testimonials.


ASP.NET Online Advertising

January 28, 2012 ASP.NET, ASP.NET Projects, SQL Server

ASP.NET Online Advertising Management System is an advanced ad management tool for the .NET platform. Manage and rotate banner ads with ease. Includes features such as auto-refresh option, real-time stats, advertiser login area, online purchasing of ads, and much more. This project is developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server Stored Procedures for rotating banners.

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